Kovesi transmiteţi lui Coldea referitor Microsoft !

Va rugam respectuos sa ne permiteti sa va inaintam aceasta solicitare intr-o singura versiune originala in limba engleza, astfel incit copiile trimise tuturor entitatilor interesate sa nu difere in functie de traduceri. Dezinformarea consta in detalii. Cazurile mentionate sunt in fapt dezinformare deliberata si propaganda astfel sustinute incepind din anul 2000 pina in prezent de Microsoft si partenerii criminali ai acesteia dupa cum urmeaza.

We kindly ask you to allow us to forward these request to you, only in one original version in English, thus the copies sent to all interested parties would not differ due to individual translations. Untruth is in the detalis. In fact the mentioned cases do represent deliberate deceive and propaganda, thus sustained since the year 2000 to the present, by Microsoft and its criminal “ecosystem” partners as follows.

The interest in the mentioned cases does regard national, the EU, the USA and NATO security and stated policies pertaining to international fraud, software piracy, cyber crime, corruption, organized crime and terrorism, and the very credibility of the SRI’s capabilities to assume its strategic partnerships’ responsibilities, hence our kind request that you inform all interested parties of your findings, in accordance to our kind request.

Legitimate objectives USA – Following the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks tragedy, the USA have been legitimately starting the “war on terror”. During the legitimate war on terror, illegitimate means, considered and presented publicly as mandatory in order to win the information warfare and to bring the perpetrators to justice, were used for no effect.

Nobody considers that the USA used the war on terror as just a pretext in order to deliberatedly torture people for no reason. It was an understandably mistake committed due to the exceptionally tragic circumstances. The USA assumes responsibility.

Illegitimate objectives Microsoft – Microsoft is using the war against piracy and cyber crime as a pretext, in the context of the on going war against corruption, organized crime and terrorism, in order to promote its own Higly Confidential Evangelist policies, in the detriment of the legitimate government policies and of the international laws.

It is exhaustivelly proven that Microsoft is deliberately using illegal means in order to attain illegitimate objectives and that it is using complex methods of deceive and propaganda in order to present its “ecosystem”’s abominable crimes as legitimate endeavours. Microsoft refuses to assume any responsibility and continues its policies.

The SRI, among many other entities, besides those mentioned in the copies, is just one of the direct victims of the Microsoft’s Evangelist policies and of their criminal so called “ecosystem”. Determined denial and perseverant tergiversation of the SRI and DNA will not change the facts and the past, will only produce extreme prejudices in the future.

Before going into more details we would like to show our GRATITUDE TO :

The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI)

To the intelligent and brave SRI officers who, regardless of the heavy political influences and other internal and external pressures, in conformity with the law, the truth and our inalienable rights, did approve to our company and to all of its employees the ORNISS “state secret” level of security certification in the year 2006, when our company and ourselves were under very grave accusations, based on unfounded and deliberately denigratory allegations regarding very serious crimes committed against the state security, the SRI, MAI, Microsoft, the EU and RSC and Medist, themselves ORNISS certified by SRI. In fact we were plainly accused of terrorist activities[1].

Omnis and ourselves were presented by extremely dangerous and powerful criminal interests as a clear and present danger to the state security, hence the oustanding courage of the SRI officers who acted accordingly to the law and not to the illegal influences which we will present further. They know the truth but unfortunately there is not much that they can do, unless determined actions are taken in order that the law is respected.

We are proud of them and of the fact that we have been succeeding in the last decade, to prove them right for their courageous and legal decisions regarding our state security clearence. Unfortunately it was not enough in order to protect the SRI and ourselves from the political abuse and judicial manipulations which followed to date.

The main scope of this communication is to determine the new Director of the SRI to investigate into the proven very serious illegalities committed against “state security” and against our strategic partners, and to communicate the findings to all those concerned, as mentioned. We unabatedly trust that eventually the truth and the law will prevail.

Omnis and ourselves do not do politics, and we do expect that the new leadership of the SRI abstains from protecting evident frauds committed by high level politicians and predatory corporations, at the cost of its own and of our partners’ credibility.

The President and the Vice-President of the United States of America

For their courage and determination to fighting for the values that we (all) believe in, and to denounce unlawfull excesses committed in the course of fighting extreme terrorism, structural corruption and organized crime, while strongly reaffirming the total equality in front of the law for all of us, regardless of any other considerations of nationality, status, wealth or power of influence.

For their determination to fighting corruption as a new form of tyranny and one of the main source of international organized crime and terrorism. The Siemens case, thus investigated initially by the DoJ-FCPA, represents a “case study” regarding the importance, for the international community, to continue the fight against corruption.

If there are historical examples to be followed by SRI regarding bravery in the fight to protect the universal values that a nation believes in, these are the most outstanding ones.

A true partnership between the SRI and our American and the EU partners, can not be attained unless there is total and true compatibility of the values that our nations do share in and fight for in order to promote and implement true democracy in the real life.

The Siemens (Fujitsu Siemens)

For their determination to fighting corruption, while taking the risk to exterminate their own corporation in the process of turining it from one of the most corrupt multinational corporations in the world, into an worldwide example of probity and legal practices.

Siemens succeeded thus to prove that not paying bribes, actually increases profits, market share and overall value of the corporation, contrary to the general (unproven) perception that there are countries where if the law is not broken and corruption is not heavily financed, business can not be done, theory of which Microsoft is one of the most vocative advocate in the world.[2]

„Siemens has asked that the preamble of the accord include a written, public apology to the Greek people, parliament and government,” for bribes paid to political parties and corrupt politicians in order to ensure public contracts [3],[4]

Microsoft continues to deny knowledge and involvment in the decade long illegalities committed in Romania in association with Siemens. It is grace to the DoJ-FCPA and Siemens that the Microsoft’s illegalities are eventually known of, eventhough the Romanian investigators are still shy to unearth the whole truth as we further prove.

OLAF (European Anti Fraud Office)

For their courage to accept their own errors made in the past, following their collaboration with intelligence services, and to further investigate into very serious illegalities committed by high level EU bureaucrats including OLAF’s own personnel.

SRI should follow into OLAF’s example, and aid OLAF to better understand to what extend its own security and the EU’s institutions are prone to extreme abuses of fraud, corruption and deceiving propaganda when high caliber criminals (ex. Sorin Ovidiu Vintu) associate with corrupt high level EU bureaucrats (ex. Alessandro Buttice) and Microsoft-Siemens-EADS in order to promote their criminal interests.


Taken into consideration the above mentioned, the new and relevant information and the SRI’s legal responsibilities regarding the : a) 24 April 2015 – The PACE (Assembly of the Council of Europe) recommendations[5], b) 24 April 2015 – Declaration of former General Director of SRI George Maior[6], c) 22 April 2015 – Declaration of former President Ion Iliescu[7], d) 17 February 2015 – the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) decision against Poland[8], e) 11 February 2015 – The European Parliament Resolution on the US Senate report on the use of torture by the CIA (2014/2997(RSP))[9], and, f) 9 December 2014 – The US Senate report on the use of torture by the CIA[10], g) February 2013 “Globalizing Torture: CIA Secret Detention and Extraordinary Rendition” Open Society Justice Initiative [11] and other documents and evidence we will present further,

Please make use of your entire authority in accordance with the Constitution and the Law, in order to investigate with celerity and to promptly inform all interested parties regarding the accuracy of the Omnis’ proven allegations, so that SRI becomes free of
political and corporatist manipulations and thus corrects its past errors and illegalities.

CAVEAT : Since 7 December 2004, when Omnis informed SRI for the first time of very serious illegalities committed against the “state security”, comprehensive also to SRI, and until the present times, Omnis did its best to keep SRI informed of new and relevant information and evidence, as they became available, in order to empower SRI to fulfill its responsibilities regarding protection of the Constitution and of the Law and their fight against fraud of the EU funds, cyber crime, corruption, organized crime and terrorism.

Thus there are several analyses and reports, latest dated of the end of the last year, made by very good SRI professionals, who do confirm Omnis’ allegations. Nevertheless the accuracy of the legal standard of evidence and the obvious frauds, both SRI and DNA do postpone for no legal reasons (illegally) the finalization of the investigations.

In fact DNA told us repeatedly that they can not investigate SRI and corrupt SRI officers as long as SRI is their main partner in the fight against corrurption. SRI declines its authorities and responsibilities to the DNA, since 2004 to the present as we further prove.

(As we further authenticate our allegations we will organize the document into chapters which are autonomous so that the reader can study the document sequentially or not.)

[1] Annex A

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Sergey Brim (Google), 24.03.2010 – Brin saved his strongest criticisms for Microsoft, which he said had capitulated to the Chinese government and trampled over human rights merely in an attempt to score points over Google. „I’m very disappointed for them in particular,” he said. „As I understand, they have effectively no market share – so they essentially spoke against freedom of speech and human rights simply in order to contradict Google” – http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2010/mar/24/google-china-sergey-brin-censorship

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